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How do I put my web site on your server? PDF Print E-mail

Uploading your site

Once you have designed the pages that you want to put onto the site, they need to be copied onto the 'server'. This is usually done by a program called FTP (which stands for File Transfer Protocol). This program is designed to copy files from your own computer onto our server.

There are two main types of FTP interfaces you may see:

FTP client software. This includes WS-FTP< & CuteFTP. for Microsoft Windows - see FTP Clients, and Fetch & Anarchie for Macintosh. If you using this type, please click: An FTP client connection.

An FTP session, which is just a command line in a terminal session where you type "ftp". These include the MS-DOS prompt in Windows95 (when Dial Up Networking is configured), a terminal login on an internet connected network or the Ka9q based DOS and Amiga software. If you are using this type, please note we are unable to provide detailed instructions. We recommend you use an FTP client

How do I register my site with search engines?

You can publicise your site by having it added to the various Web indexes. Most of the popular search engines, such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Webcrawler and of course Google will include your site in their listings without charge, and have an "Add URL" link for you to register your site with them online. To make it easier, 2020Media have introduced a site registration and ranking report package. After registering your site with the top search engines, you are sent monthly reports on your site's ranking in those search engines, and a report on visitors to your site. Please Contact Us for details

Another way of publicising is to use a service such as Link Exchange where users have a banner advert for their site appearing on other people's pages in return for having someone else's on their own page.

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Domain Search

Preferred Extensions -
.net .org
.me .eu
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