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Broadband 50 GB
2020Media offers a fast, reliable broadband service to help you get connected on the web. Compare all Broadband Plans.
A high speed ADSL broadband service suitable for both home and business use with no monthly usage restrictions. It is available at speeds ranging from 512kb to 8Mb - Always connected, high speed 50Gig ADSL broadband!

Key Features Monthly contract
Fixed IP address
50GB monthly usage
Free migration

Support 24/7 Email and Telephone Support
Immediate acknowledgement
Connectivity Experts

Extra Features No requirement to purchase other services
Outgoing Email Service
Free backup dial-up service
Fixed IP - Multiple IP

Optional Extras Upgrade to uncapped broadband
Free migration
NO yearly tie-in

Virus Scanning of incoming Email
(comes as standard on Managed email)
Outbound email service 250/1250/12500

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