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Free Broadband?
Consumers across the UK are being lured by promises of ‘free broadband’ – but it isn’t always such a good deal as it looks.

Whilst offers of free internet access by companies like Orange, Sky and TalkTalk look enticing, the reality is you pay for the broadband by paying for the telephone or TV packages they come bundled with. On top of the fact that you are ultimately paying anyway, committing to one of these bundles means you get a poorer quality service and you lose out on the chance to pick an internet provider that really suits you.

Key Features Tied to one supplier
Poorer service
Long commitment

Support Appalling
Long queues
Call centres using scripts

Extra Features Requirement to purchase other services
Dodgy Email Service
No back-up service

Optional Extras Pay even more
Hard to leave
12 or 24 month tie-in

Networks contain spammers
and infected PC's making
your outgoing email look like spam

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Preferred Extensions -
.net .org
.me .eu
CentralNic Accredited Registrar
Accredited since 2001
Imperial Registrations Platinum Partner
ICANN Accredited
RIPE member
RIPE member since 2002
Nominet Members
Nominet members since 1999
IPv6 Enabled Host
4 star IPv6 readiness
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