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Ten Years of Tomcat
Ten Years of Tomcat

2010 - The Tomcat Java application server is 10 years old.

To celebrate 10 years of Tomcat, 2020Media is offering 15% off for all new 12 month Apache Tomcat accounts. 2020Media has supported servlet hosting for 11 years now - since the company was founded. We were the first to offer shared Tomcat hosting in the UK, and before that we offered JRun. 2020Media is now the biggest Java host in the UK and we believe - the best.

We have Tomcat hosting packages for all kinds of websites and applications, from development to production. More about our Tomcat packages.

The next version of the project, Tomcat 7, is expected in late summer of 2010, corresponding with the release of Servlet 3, which Tomcat 7 will implement.

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