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The last twelve months has seen a flurry of UK Domain Name registration companies closing down. Many of these companies have disappeared without trace leaving their customers in the lurch. Others have been taken over and customers have been provided with various degrees of continuity of services. In some cases the web sites and e-mail services have been terminated without notice and in an extreme case all the domain names registered through a particular company were deleted because the fees had not been paid.

If you are worried about your domain name then you should check that is has been paid for and make sure that the administration is transferred to a new company. We can help you get you site back up fast - Contact Us

UK Domain Names

For .uk domains all registrations are made through the UK top level registrar Nominet. Most domain name registration companies become members of Nominet and administer the names they register using the automated registration system using what is known as a 'TAG'. A Nominet Tag is the company's identifier. When a domain name is on a specific tag it is under the administrative control of the TAG holder. It is the TAG holder which Nominet would normally approach to collect fees for renewals etc.

When an individual member ceases to trade then it's TAG can become suspended or even deleted. In these situations the domain name will need to be re-tagged to a new Nominet member. While a name is on a defunct TAG it cannot be modified by anybody other than Nominet.

Ownership of the name is a different matter. The legal owner of a domain name is the registrant. Reputable domain name companies will register the name in the name of the customers but occasional names have been known to be registered in the name of the registration company.

It is therefore important that anyone who has registered a UK domain name check with Nominet. This can be done using the whois service available on the Nominet website Alternatively Nominet can be contacted by telephone on +44(0)1865 332211 or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Nominet has also put up a special page explaining how domian name owners can go about choosing a new ISP. See

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