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This page includes information about the MyLinks2 WordPress plugin. This plugin was rewritten by us in 2011 as the original was no longer working - the original author's thumbnail generation url had disappeared.


What is MyLinks2?


MyLinks2 is a free WordPress plugin that displays dynamically generated thumbnail images from your blogroll on a Page or Post. Here's an example.




If you need any help with the plugin, please Contact Us


WordPress Hosting

2020Media is a UK web host that offers really good WordPress hosting. If you are in need of WordPress hosting or wish to support this plugin, please consider our WordPress Hosting plans.

How to Use



  1. Upload the file using the plugin manager.
  2. Activate the plugin and add your ShrinkTheWeb API key in the My Links option under Settings.
    Enter your domain name or IP address in your shrinktheweb free account under "Security" --> "Lock to Account Allowed Referrers".
    Then add the shortcode to your page/posts.
  3. Example: Use `[mylinks]` in your page or post to display all your links
  4. Example: Use `[mylinks=categoryname]` to display just the links of the category `categoryname` in your page or post
  5. Example: Use `[thumb][/thumb]` to display a thumbnail of the website `` in your page or post
  6. Thats it :) You just have to update your wordpress links.


Change the layout


This requires some coding expertise


Just change the templates in the `templates` subdirectory of the mylinks-plugin: `all_links.html` is the template for displaying all links and `one_category.html` is the template for displaying just one category. I think its easy to understand how it works :)


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