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Overview of Java Servlets


Servlets provide the ability to generate pages dynamically using the Servlet extensions to the Java language. Servlets have the following advantages over other common server extension mechanisms:


  • They are faster than CGI scripts because they use a different process model.
  • They use a standard API that is supported by many Web servers.
  • They have all of the advantages of the Java language, including ease of development and platform independence.
  • They can access the large set of APIs available for the Java platform.


We offer servers running JDK 1.2 and above with JServ as our standard platform for Servlets.


Useful Links


Servlets Servlet Tutorial Servlet API Tomcat Using Tomcat
Suns Servlet Home Page Useful information for writing Servlets Documentation is available for download Part of the Java Apache project Using your Java account with Servlets




JavaServer Pages (JSP)


Pages that use JSP are stored on the server as HTML with extra syntax to access Java programs embedded within them. This means that you can use all the usual tools to generate the look and feel of the pages, and embed the active contents within them easily. Other features allow easy connection between HTML Forms and Bean objects for processing.


Useful Links


Sun JSP Page. Latest API and information The specification can be downloaded from the SUN site from here Hints on using JSP on 2020Media Servers Resource for scripts and tutorials


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