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Example of Broadband setup

Useful Information usually provide a fully configured ADSL modem/router with our service but in case you need to make changes yourself, the following information may be useful

  • Usernames: The format is or
  • Password: These are set by us but can be changed on request

Advanced Settings

  • VCI: 38
  • VPI: 0
  • Encapsulation: PPPoA VCMUX
  • Authentication: CHAP
  • MTU: 1492 or 1458
A typical microfilter


Ensuring the microfilter(s) are installed correctly is very important as failing to do so will disrupt the connection. Please see the following check points when installing microfilters:

  1. Any item that connects to the phone line must go through a microfilter, eg. Fax Machine, Sky TV Box, Telephones, Analogue dialup modems.
  2. If an extension cable is used from the BT phone socket to the router, then the microfilter must be fitted at the router end of the extension and NOT the BT wall socket end.

Fault Finding

Before proceeding with any specific fault diagnostics please conduct the following and then retest:

  1. Disconnect all items from the phone line except the ADSL router.
  2. Change the microfilter connected to the ADSL router.
  3. Ensure the router is connected to the master BT phone socket in the premises.
  4. If possible try an alternative router/modem. The cheaper consumer models last about 1-2 years in our experience.


Print this out! If you are having a problem with your broadband connection you'll find it difficult to view this page. So, whilst you have the connection working, please print this page - Use the printer icon here: Print and also print a copy of your broadband account letter. Keep them in a safe place and then when you have a problem you'll have what you need to help.

Tips to increase your broadband connection speed


Before phones had their own power, in order for them to ring, a small amount of electricity was sent down one wire (the bell wire) in the telephone line. That line, although not required today, sometimes acts as a large antenna and creates interfence on the telephone line. This in turn can reduce the speed of your broadband connection.

The solution is very easy - simply neutralise the bell wire on your telephone line.

You can do this by buying an I-Plate product for £10 and swapping it for your main phone plug (the plug where the phone comes into your house from outside). BT have a guide to check it will work with your own BT socket. Check first before purchasing!

What factors affect speed

The main factor that affects the maximum broadband speed is the distance you are from the exchange. Unfortunately there's little that you can do about this, short of moving house.
Other factors include the material the phone cable to your property is made of, whether it's raining, congestion in the exchange, your broadband modem and microfilters.

ipv4 exhaustion
IP addresses are running out.

2020Media IPv6 Deployment Information

An IPv4 address is assigned to your computer each time you go online (e.g. It is a unique online identifier made up of four number groupings and allows you to communicate with other computers around the world; not unlike a phone number for voice calls.
There are now so many electronic devices connected to the internet, that these numbers are running out. Some predictions put that date as soon as 2012, so it's important the we're ready with the replacement addressing system, called IPv6.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is not only longer but also more secure by design. They are 128bits long, written in hexadecimal and separated by colons; for example:

  • 2ffe:1800:3525:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf
Ipv6 address types
Download the PDF

Downloada handy PDF guide to IPv6 Address types, produced by RIPE NCC in cooperation with ICANN.

2020Media's IPv6 Plan

2020Media will offer IPv6 addresses to all it's customers, both hosting and connectivity. We will rollout the IPv6 addresses in stages over the next two years, making sure each stage is tested and restested before deployment.

Deployment Rollout Plan (provisional)

  • Core Network Infrastructure
  • Shared Hosting Accounts
  • Business Broadband
  • Dedicated Server and Co-location
  • SOHO Broadband

IPv6 is a big challenge to any organisation and requires complex risk assesment and project planning. 2020Media looks forwarding to deploying IPv6 across the network and would be delighted to hear from customers who'd like to take up the service early. The 2020Media blog is a good place to get the latest news and updates.

You're in control with Direct Debit

Direct Debit

We offer direct debit as a method of payment because it is one of the easiest ways to make regular payments.

Please use your customer account number as the reference in the form.

Click here to download the Direct Debit instruction

Click here to complete the Direct Debit instruction online

6 Reasons to use Direct Debit

  • It's easy to set up and you can cancel at any time.
  • You'll always know how much will be debited from your account and when.
  • It's more secure as payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • We will always take the amount stated and no more.
  • Reduces administration costs for your service provider.
  • Be more environmentally friendly.

A direct debit is a payment made by your bank or building society from your account to a named organisation - in this case TwentytwentyMedia Ltd, following an instruction from you to make such a payment when we request it.

It's guaranteed

The reassurance of knowing that every direct debit is protected by three main safeguards: an immediate money back guarantee from the bank or building society if an error is made, advance notice from the organisation if the date or the amount of the direct debit changes and ultimately, the right to cancel.

Please note that this method of payment is only available for customers with a bank account in the UK.

IPv4 or IPv6 Address Detection

This simple page detects whether you are visiting this page with an IPv6 address or an IPv4 address.

You are using IPv4:

Check out our pages about IPv6.

If you are interested in adding something similar to your website, check our these links:,

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