WordPress Hosting

UK WordPress hosting from 2020Media. Comes with free migration or "Zero-Click" install, backup and support to get you started whether you're just starting out or migrating a fully functional site. We've built or hosted hundreds of WordPress websites so you will be in safe hands. Includes our Managed WordPress service FREE for the first year.

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Joomla Hosting

2020Media is a great choice for a Joomla website - we've been using it for years. We will install and set up Joomla for you and our inhouse experts will help you with any problems you may encounter along the way. Our migration service moves your existing Joomla site safely and with no downtime.

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Drupal Hosting

2020Media is a leading UK Drupal hosting provider. We offer a tuned hosting environment for Drupal that is fast and responsive. Every account includes "Zero-Click" install and/or free migration services. Drupal security updates are done free of charge. Our knowledgeable technical team are happy to troubleshoot your site and advise on modules or functionality.

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Tomcat Hosting

2020Media is an acknowledged leader in UK Java Tomcat hosting. The pioneer in providing affordable shared Java hosting back in 1999, 2020Media now offers a range of Tomcat hosting options from shared to dedicated.


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Wifi Hotspot available here

Wi-Fi Hotspots

2020Media offers easy to deploy fully managed Wi-Fi Hotspot services for small organisations from cafes, coffee shops and bars to  community spaces and visitor centres. Offer free Wi-Fi to your customers with a service where you are in control.

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UK Sales: 0800 035 6364 | | We'll Call You

A brief guide to 2020Media's junk mail blocking service

Breakdown of Global Spam Categories

What is spam filtering?
spam filtering is the removal of unwanted email of all kinds before it reaches your inbox. This kind of email can include emails with a new virus, "spam" or a "phishing" attempt. Spam wastes time and energy that can be better spent sending and reading legitimate email. It also frequently contains messages that many people find offensive. Our spam filtering service is being provided a leading supplier in this market, used by many other highly regarded internet service providers (for example Demon Internet).


How accurate is this junk mail filtering service?
No filtering system is 100% accurate, and there is a very small chance that a non-spam email will trigger a filtering rule by mistake (a false positive). However, if your correspondents are sending email via a system that has been flagged as generating nothing but spam then it may be blocked as well. If legitimate email is being blocked then the sender should receive a "bounce" message, alerting them that their email has not been received.

You may still see a small amount of incoming spam. If your address is targeted before the ruleset is updated then you'll be unlucky enough to receive some spam. However, overall, we believe that this is a very effective spam filtering system and the system claims a 98% accuracy rate.


Which products have spam filtering?
The service is available on on POP/IMAP accounts. These are included with all shared hosting accounts and most dedicated and virtual server accounts. They are also available as standalone email services.

Customers who receive email directly to their own servers, or via our 'relay' servers will not be able to benefit from this email filtering service.


What happens to my filtered email?
If you want to view your filtered email, log in via our 2020media WebMail service. You will see a folder for Junk email. This folder automatically deletes older email after a certain period (typically 30 days) so it never gets too full and stops your Inbox from receiving email. If you want to keep a message, move it from the junk folder to the Inbox

Contact us to order junk mail blocking service. We can arrange a free trial if you are not sure.

2020Media is a leading provider of small business Wi-Fi hotspots. If you want to offer free Wi-Fi to your customers or users, our service could be exactly what you are looking for. Our Hotspots are managed in the cloud, ultra-reliable and give you loads of information about behaviour patterns of your users. Read More   Read more...
2020Media introduces Moodle Hosting - UK servers and UK Moodle experts setup your site ready to use. Read more...
Special Offer for Longer Registration Periods Register or renew a .com, .net or .org domain name for 5 years we'll include 1 year free*. Read more...
2020Media is now offering zero-click installation of the popular TYPO3 content management system. Read more...

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