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British Web Hosting

2020Media's hosting service has been 100% British since 1999, when the company was founded. We took the decision early on that we didn't want to outsource our most important assets - our staff - to far away territories. That's why our team are all based right here in London. We're close to our customers, we're close to our network, and we're close to the market we serve.

Made in Britain - UK Fast

For websites with a mainly British audience, you get a faster response from a UK network. Although the difference is slight (the speed of light comes into the equation!), when a browser can make up to a hundred requests to load a single web page, the small differences do add up. 2020Media's network is centred in London's Telehouse datacentre and is linked by multiple fast connections to UK backbone providers.

Choose a British Host

One of the hardest choices you'll have is who to use for hosting of your lovely new website. Whilst there are certain hosts that you should avoid at all costs (see ‘unlimited hosting’), professional websites are advised to skip the generic, hyper-market style hosts and look for a specialised UK host instead. We look at some of the factors worth exploring before signing up on our blog, but one of the key things to check out is the support. Horror stories abound of customers who've been completely cut off by their host and it's important to speak to the host's customer service team (not just the salesman). British customers should ask: Are they local? Do they speak your language fluently? Can they provide support during the hours that suit you?

About 2020Media

2020Media is proud to be a British company and uphold the finest traditions of British customer service. All our customer service team are native English speakers and are available 24/7. Our London web hosting has a track record of excellent third-party verified Uptime.

We believe British web hosting can't be beaten for service and value!