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Make Joomla content titles into clickable links


Joomla Hosting from 2020Media
Joomla Hosting from 2020Media

Content titles - the story 'headline' - can be easily turned into clickable links. This is very beneficial for search engine optimisation but is turned off by default. Unfortunately the setting is hidden away.

Global Setting

Click the Parameters button in Content -> Article Manager. The parameters button is in top right of the screen - and hardly used for anything else. Change the Title Linkable setting to Yes and then Save.

Joomla Title Links
Joomla Title Links

Individual Setting

For individual articles you can control whether the article title is a link or not. Open the article in the content editor, then select Parameters (Advanced) in the pane on the right. Look for the 'title linkable' section.

How to reset a forgotten Joomla password


Using any MySQL admin tool, (PHPMyAdmin), run the following query, entering your own choice of password:


UPDATE jos_users SET password = MD5("new-password") WHERE jos_users.username = "admin";


If you’re using a different username to admin, change as appropriate.
If this doesn’t work, try changing jos_users to mos_users.


The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries. is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.

Joomla Frontpage Modifications



Joomla Hosting from 2020Media
Joomla Hosting from 2020Media

Changing how the home page of your Joomla website looks is one of the first thing that causes problems with those new to Joomla. Indeed some say it couldn't be more difficult if they tried!

Remove the 'Welcome to the frontpage' title


It sounds straightforward but it causes confusion everytime because the settings is hard to find in Joomla. Go Menu -> Main Menu -> Home. If you can't see Home, choose the link with an asterisk (*) next to it. When you are in Home, at the right are a set of Parameters. Click the Parameters (System) link. You can now change the title message to whatever you want, or set it to No. Click Apply then check your homepage to confirm it has changed


Frontpage Parameters
Frontpage Parameters

Front Page Layout


The settings for number of columns and other layout options are different for the frontpage to other sections of the website. Go Menu -> Main Menu -> Home. If you can't see Home, choose the link with an asterisk (*) next to it. Click the Parameters (Basic) link. In this section you can change details of the Joomla front page layout. Leading is the number of full width content articles to display, columns is the number of columns on the page, intro is the number of content items with intro text displaying and links is the number of articles that will appear only as links.


Reveal Template Module Locations



Joomla Hosting from 2020Media
Joomla Hosting from 2020Media

Joomla templates have pre-defined module positions. Sometimes these can run into double figures on more complex templates. It can be difficult to remember where exactly on your site individual modules may appear, particularly as they have somewhat unhelpful names. But by adding ?tp=1 to your website address like this:

This shows all the module positions overlayed on your site. It's a great idea to print this view, so you can refer to it whilst building your site.

Joomla 2.5, 3.x and above

In newer versions of Joomla, the preview must be enabled first - check your theme for options.

Place Module in a content article



Joomla Hosting from 2020Media
Joomla Hosting from 2020Media

Joomla modules normally go around content - on the left, right, top or bottom of the page. However it is a little known fact that you can place modules within content. This can be very useful for embedding modules such as adverts, related articles, surveys or perhaps a paypal link. Joomla has a built in plugin to handle this technique called the content-load plugin.

First enable the content-load plugin by embedding the following code in your content. Just use the normal content editor:

This will force any module that is in position user22 to load - you can use any module position that you want.

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