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FTP Clients

FTP Clients are programs designed to make the process of transfering files quicker and easier than the standard command line ftp.

This page is split into three sections

  1. Getting WS-FTP
  2. Setting up WS-FTP
  3. Using WS-FTP

Getting WS-FTP

You can download many other FTP clients - the one descibed here is WS_FTP. This is only suitable for people running Windows software.

The following links are pointers to other resources about FTP on the Internet.

Setting up WS-FTP

WS_FTP has a lot of settings but fortunately most of them can be left on the default values. When starting the WS_FTP program the first thing you will see is the main WS_FTP window and in front of it, a Session Profile window.

The session profile section keeps a list of your favourite FTP sites, thus allowing you to simply select a site from a list rather than typing in all the parameters each time. WS_FTP comes with several sites already listed, if you click on the down arrow next to the profile name you will see the site list.

The settings on the Session Profile page are as follows :

  • Profile Name : A label for your benefit to identify this particular entry in the site list.
  • Delete/Save/New : Buttons to remove, save or create a new item in the site list.
  • Host Name : The FTP site address, for example You should get this from your account details letter
  • Host Type : The type of machine you are connecting to, normally leave this on Automatic Detect.
  • User ID : The ID needed to log onto the site. If you are connecting to the 2020Media servers to setup your web-pages, then this is your usual username. If you are connecting to other sites you will often be able to log in using the username anonymous.
  • Password :The Password needed to log onto the site. If you are connecting to the 2020Media servers to setup your web-pages, then this is your usual password. If you are connecting to other sites you will often be able to use your email address as the password.
  • Account : Rarely used, leave this one blank.
  • Remote Host : Optional, you can specify a directory to go on the FTP site, automatically, as soon as you log on.
  • Local Host : Optional, you can specify a directory to change to on your machine which will be the receiving directory.
  • Comment : Optional, a space for you to simply add a comment about the particular FTP site.
  • Anonymous Login : By putting a cross here the User ID and Password are automatically filled in.
  • Save Password : A cross here will mean your password setting is remembered, otherwise it is forgotten each time.
  • Auto Save Config : This setting means all your settings are saved automatically.

There is only really one other setting you need to change.

Click on the 'Cancel' button, you will now be presented with the main screen
Click on the 'Options' button and then the 'Program Options' button
Where it says 'E-mail address' , fill in your complete e-mail address

Click on the 'Save' button

You are now ready to use the program for downloading files.

Using WS-FTP

The best way to learn how to use WS_FTP is to follow this example of downloading a file from our server.

  1. If you don't have a 2020Media account already in your list then we need to create one, if you do select it and skip to number 3
  2. Click on the New button and fill in the details as below :
    Profile Name : 2020Media Test FTP
    Host Name :
    Host Type : Automatic Detect.
    User ID : anonymous.
    Password : (your full e-mail address)
    Account : (Leave blank)
    Remote Host : (Leave blank)
    Local Host : (Leave blank)
    Comment : (Leave blank)
    Anonymous Login : (uncrossed)
    Save Password : X
    Auto Save Config : (uncrossed)
  3. Click on the Save button, to add it to the list
  4. Click on the OK button
  5. This will now attempt to connect to the FTP site (monitor progress in the box at the bottom of the window)
  6. You will now see a screen similar to the one below : The screen is in four areas, on the left is your hard disk, with the directories in the top left box and the files in that directory in the bottom left box. Similarly on the right is the machine here, the FTP server. Top right are the directories and bottom right are the files. In the middle, between them, are two arrows one pointing left the other right. By clicking on the appropriate button you can simply transfer a file from one side to the other.
  7. In the top right box double click on the directory name 'software' , this will change to that directory and list new directories and files.
  8. Now in the bottom right box you will see several files listed.
  9. Place a cross in the 'Auto' box, this will ensure files are transferred in the correct format (ie/ Binary or ASCII)
  10. As a test, highlight the file '00index.txt' and then click on the left arrow. This will transfer the file from our machine to yours.
  11. And that's about it. To upload a file you perform exactly the same procedure but click the right arrow button. You can use this same method to download program files, such as Netscape or Eudora.


Check the pages

After you have changed your pages, you can of course check that the pages work using your Web Browser: just type in the page's address http://your_domain_name/ to view the site.

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