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UK OFBiz Hosting from the hosting experts!

Ofbiz Hosting from 2020MediaOFBiz, the market leading non-commercial open source ERP application, is a foundation and starting point for reliable, secure and scalable enterprise solutions.

Apache OFBiz 

Use it out-of-the-box (OOTB) or customize to suit even your most challenging business needs. With OFBiz in place, you can get started right away and then grow your operations as your business grows, without the huge deployment and maintenance costs of traditional enterprise automation systems.

  • Achieve a system that is as good or better than those available from major proprietary ERPs at a significantly lower total project cost. You can budget for custom features and added value rather than license and maintenance fees.
  • Enjoy freedom from indefinite vendor lock; with Apache OFBiz, you can fully leverage internal resources and/or any of the dozens of organizations offering quality Apache OFBiz implementation and support services.
  • Apache OFBiz users can rely on the organizational, legal, and financial stability that comes with Apache OFBiz being a top-level project at the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).
  • Because you will have complete access to source code, you will eliminate "proprietary system" limitations. The entire open source community benefits from making Apache OFBiz as clear, flexible, and reusable as possible.

Robust and reliable, these packages fully support the latest OFBiz versions, which we recommend run on a virtual or dedicated server setup.

OFBiz Features

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Get these exclusive features:

  • Zero Click OFBiz install
  • Free updates at any time
  • All OFBiz versions
  • Setup Support
  • Migration Support
  • Free temporary URL


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All 2020Media web hosting plans include:

  • Webstats
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • FTP
  • POP
  • IMAP
  • Cloud Email, Calendar, Notes
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Remote MySQL access
  • Control Panel
  • Full webserver logs
  • SEO Panel
  • Favicon Generator
  • Piwik Analytics
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Virtual Plans for CRM Systems

per month
1 Website
1-2 users
1000MB Storage
20GB Bandwidth
Shared Hosting Plan for small deployments or testing
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
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per month
1 Website
1-10 users
20GB Storage
20GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Virtual Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Domain Name
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per month
10 Websites
10-50 users
40GB Storage
40GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Virtual Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Dev site
⊕ Free Domain Name
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per month
Unlimited Websites
unlimited users
1000GB Storage
1000GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Hardware Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Domain Name
⊕ Hosting in Telehouse
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