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SugarCRM HostingSugar, the market leading commercial open source CRM application, delivers a feature-rich set of business processes that enhance marketing effectiveness, drive sales performance, improve customer satisfaction and provide executive insight into business performance.

"With Sugar, we can see the last time a customer was contacted and the nature of the contact: call, email, meeting, etc. It’s updated constantly, and ensures that we’re efficient and don’t leave any of our customers behind.”
Brad Payne, Client Services Administrator, Hilldrup"

Robust and reliable, our hosting plans fully supports Community and Professional (on-premise) SugarCRM 6.

Because of the complexity of SugarCRM we recommend a virtual or dedicated server account. However you can run it on a shared hosting account for testing purposes.The hosting environment can be upgraded seamlessly as your needs grow.


Free 'zero-click' Install

Our hosting experts will install & setup SugarCRM to get you started. This includes building a bespoke virtual server environment optimised for SugarCRM.

Migration Service

If you have a SugarCRM deployment hosted elsewhere we can help migrate your site with no downtime.

SugarCRM Features

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Get these exclusive features:

  • Zero Click SugarCRM install
  • Free updates at any time
  • All Sugarcrm versions
  • Community Edition support
  • Setup Support
  • Migration Support
  • Free temporary URL


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All 2020Media web hosting plans include:

  • Webstats
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-Spam
  • FTP
  • POP
  • IMAP
  • Cloud Email, Calendar, Notes
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Remote MySQL access
  • Control Panel
  • Full webserver logs
  • SEO Panel
  • Favicon Generator
  • Piwik Analytics
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Our version of SugarCRM inserted an unsubscribe link into our email campaigns that doesn't work. One support ticket opened with 2020Media and the problem was solved. Thank you so much for your help with this, and please thank your sys admin as well.



The guys have had a look and so far it all looks fine which is great! Once again thank you for a great job.

Christian Hollis



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Virtual Plans for CRM Systems

per month
1 Website
1-2 users
1000MB Storage
20GB Bandwidth
Shared Hosting Plan for small deployments or testing
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
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per month
1 Website
1-10 users
20GB Storage
20GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Virtual Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Domain Name
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per month
10 Websites
10-50 users
40GB Storage
40GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Virtual Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Dev site
⊕ Free Domain Name
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per month
Unlimited Websites
unlimited users
1000GB Storage
1000GB Bandwidth
Dedicated Hardware Server
50 POP/IMAP mail accounts
⊕ Free Domain Name
⊕ Hosting in Telehouse
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