Bandwidth Exceeded

About 2020Media Quotas

Each account has a disk and bandwidth quota. This is in place to protect your account and others from potentially large volumes of traffic and/or email sent to a single web or email address that could materially affect our system servers.

The service is NOT ‘down’

If you are a 2020Media customer and seeing this message, your service with us has exceeded a quota level set on your account. Please raise a support query at our customer portal.

If you receive a message saying you have exceeded your quota, there are usually three options

  1. Remove some content. In case you are offering large files for download; check the logs to be sure where the traffic goes.
  2. Upgrade your present service to a package giving you more resources.
  3. Wait until the end of the month, or bandwidth calculation period, where your quota will be reset.

If it just a temporary burst of traffic, contact our sales team and they may be able to give you a bandwidth boost without needing to change your contract.

You can reduce the bandwidth you use in many ways, and it doesn’t have to involve fewer visitors. Optimise and crop images so the file size is reduced. Optimise your html by using css and a decent editor (not Frontpage or Word, which leave loads of comments and other fluff in your html files). Finally, ban undesirable robots from eating your bandwidth using robots.txt and your .htaccess file.