How helps UK takeaway restaurants boost their online sales

Online ordering is a convenient and profitable way for customers to enjoy their favourite food from the comfort of their homes. However, many UK takeaway restaurants struggle to set up their own online ordering system, or rely on third-party platforms that charge high commissions and fees.

That’s why, a leading web hosting and domain name provider in the UK, has partnered with a global online ordering service to offer UK takeaway restaurants an option to add online takeaway ordering to their websites and social media with no commission charges.

The service allows restaurants to create their own branded online menu and receive orders via a free order management app. The app gives restaurants full control over how orders are handled, such as setting pickup times, minimum order amounts, and out of stock items. Restaurants can also track their sales, customer feedback, and marketing campaigns through the app.

The service is completely free for restaurants, as covers the costs of the online ordering system. Restaurants only pay for hosting their websites, which can be imported or built as competitive rates. There are no hidden fees, contracts, or commissions involved.

By offering online takeaway ordering to their customers, restaurants can increase their sales, customer loyalty, and online visibility. They can also save time and money by avoiding third-party platforms that take a large cut of their profits.’s online ordering service is a great opportunity for UK takeaway restaurants to grow their business online. To learn more about the service, visit’s Takeaway Ordering Page or contact Sales (0370321020)